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Monday, 14 May 2018

D12 System Dev Diary 3

Aptitude and Advantage seem to be working fine so far. Generated a lot of good chat and added plenty sidebar content to local world building.

I'm still not sure that the core mechanic is going to work though. Split pools may be too small in real combat and may just act as a break on the action so I'm reviewing this and coming up with some alternatives.

Playbooks really don't work for the open box setup. There are just too many possibilities to try and account for so I think I'll move to a life path style for future characters.

I'm interested to see if simply a collection of advantages would better reflect what I'm aiming for given the quality of play so far off limited information.

Design of the magic system is still giving me the cold sweats as I know the feel I want to give but mechanically its the hardest part to balance.

Also still to bottom out is the damage/survival mechanism. I had an old idea for weapon cards that I might dig up and try out.

I also have an embryonic idea about chaining actions together but this probably only works for combat and I wasn't keen on separate resolution mechanics but again I may try that out.

I may simply have to become accepting of higher levels of abstraction to get the game to work in an OOG environment that is pressed for time.

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