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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

BitD Episode 2 - milking the hagfish

This week was divided up into downtime from the last score and crew creation.

Our proto-gang took a haul of 4 coin from the score and despite a quiet entrance made a heck of a racket once they were there so drew down almost enough heat to achieve a wanted level on their first day out.


Pidge won big at the tables and then spent the rest of the night losing it while boasting about how they had cleared the place and Baszo could forget a payout. The result; wanted level 1.

Fizz started work on his spring-loaded shotgun derringer project, "Icepick's farewell"

Lady K tapped out her vice purveyor, presumably by refusing to leave the baths or more likely not paying. So who knows how she'll get her pampering now perhaps a new line of supply might unblot her copybook?

The only member of the crew to be injured on the score, Icepick sought treatment, eventually, and then began researching some modifications to his long rifle.

Liv was absent, presumed overindulging in her vice of beating up pimps.


A matter of some debate and that very much in character. Eventually by assent the final decision was Hawkers, Lady K proving her silver tongue too quick to argue against. Natural talent or insidious Skov sorcery?

Having decided that they were having none of Baszo's gunpoint diplomacy the gang went all in allying with the lampblacks enemies in the red lantern district where their sales territory is. Adding a boat house to the lair seemed a sensible upgrade alongside loadout.

Finally the time came to decide on a commodity to hawk. After passing around some great ideas about rare, semi-legal options an off colour hag fish joke caused near fatal asphyxia through laughter and led to Giggle Water.

Cheering up the Dusk, one shot at a time...

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