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Friday, 3 July 2015

Myth Campaign Diary: Whoa! That's way too much threat.

Act 1 ends with Pete the Thief sending us off into the woods, which are of course, cursed. We also need to kill 12 minions in a single hero cycle to fulfil our additional quest objective and oh, we can’t use any move cards or we’ll be stuck in the woods forever.
It’s a pretty straightforward dodge through the first tile, loading it with a massive hunting pack tied up the Avatar of Winter long enough to put out all four torches before having to engage him and so it was on to the main 12x12 and our epic kill challenge.
“Hold the line!” shouted the Acolyte, his hammer’s head quivering in anticipation as he gripped the shaft more tightly.
Fenwick shuffled nervously, mentally marking her targets as she checked her quiver for the fourth time.
As usual the Spriggan looked on impassively, impossible to read.
“Where the hell is the Brigand?” muttered Fenwick, scanning the shadows for any sign of him.
Crawlers surged forward.
With a sound like a dozen doors being kicked in at once a huge Elder tree spirit infused a young sapling and crushed the entrance to the crawler lair like a beam falling on an egg.
Bark thickening, the Spriggan strode forward, blackwood buckler a staunch barrier against the oncoming mob of grubbers and crawlers.
Even without the movement restriction we would have taken our time entering the tile. To meet the quest criteria we needed the minions to bunch up and maximise our chances to make a big kill.
“AAAAAAAH!” Hot white flames danced out from the Acolyte at the climax of his prayer, burning away five minions in rush of holy power.
With perfect timing Fenwick loosed the pent up energy bound up in her taught bowstring and a rain of arrows left another six dead.
Whirling from the shadows the Brigand, a dark reaver armed with razor sharp talons, swept three more aside. Crossing the short distance in less than the blink of an eye, slashing to either side of him, the two mucker captains slumped at his feet. Both fell, stupefied as if their bodies had been left no time to tell their brains that they were dead.
With the Spriggan and its Elder ally acting as vanguard, blocking the minions from attacking that freed the other party members up to go all out against the minion horde.
The final death toll was sixteen in a single hero cycle. The drawback of course was that our threat was through the roof and we spent the rest of the session trying to manage it down to avoid triggering more than two threat events.
As it was we had to face the razorfiend again and it was only the fact that the Spriggan was fully geared that enabled us to survive long enough to mount a counter attack.
The treasure bag now contained two blue tokens and by a massive stroke of luck I pulled both of them on a single draw.
All the party members bar the Spriggan now have at least one blue item which bodes well for completing the story. If anything I think we’re a bit over powered now but we’ll see when we have to face Yardu and The Terror if that’s the case.
In any event, I’m going to try out the Apprentice next week, as that’s the only character I have left to play and I’d like to have played through at least one 12x12 with each one before I run any demo games at my FLGS.

The second part of act 2 should be a cakewalk now and then it’s on to our encounter with our first proper boss.

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