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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Myth Campaign Diary: The Boneyard

<i>Dragging ourselves from the crawler lair we had hoped for some respite from the Darkness. Gravely wounded the Soldier withdrew to minister to his wounds. His place in our ranks filled by a Brigand, here to rob the graves of the recently departed but now trapped here in the boneyard with the three of while the ground beneath us began to seeth with crawlers.</i>

Act two of the first quest is a slaughterfield of five rounds. The wave mechanic works really well here providing plenty enemies to dispatch and good opportunities for looting. With 4 players I don't think we were stretched too much and we cleared a couple of the waves in two turns. Not having the Soldier in the mix provided, as expected, much more of an opportunity for the Spriggan to shine. The lucky draw in act one of the everfull quiver also meant that the Archer managed to fire off two full volleys of Orion's Tears which wiped half the tile at a time.

The Brigand plays reasonably well in this mix, and was a fun character to play, but I think that I personally like the Soldier more. The draw for the Brigand was a bit patchy so the bigger combos never really materialised, but that's just the luck of the draw. The non-combat lair kill and pinpoint massive attacks might come more into their own next session when we tackle act 3, or I may test run the Skald or Trickster.

The next story arc will feature more fiction once the group mix has settled down and everyone has provided their character names. Archer - I'm looking at you!

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