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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Myth Campaign Diary: The Boneyard

<i>Dragging ourselves from the crawler lair we had hoped for some respite from the Darkness. Gravely wounded the Soldier withdrew to minister to his wounds. His place in our ranks filled by a Brigand, here to rob the graves of the recently departed but now trapped here in the boneyard with the three of while the ground beneath us began to seeth with crawlers.</i>

Act two of the first quest is a slaughterfield of five rounds. The wave mechanic works really well here providing plenty enemies to dispatch and good opportunities for looting. With 4 players I don't think we were stretched too much and we cleared a couple of the waves in two turns. Not having the Soldier in the mix provided, as expected, much more of an opportunity for the Spriggan to shine. The lucky draw in act one of the everfull quiver also meant that the Archer managed to fire off two full volleys of Orion's Tears which wiped half the tile at a time.

The Brigand plays reasonably well in this mix, and was a fun character to play, but I think that I personally like the Soldier more. The draw for the Brigand was a bit patchy so the bigger combos never really materialised, but that's just the luck of the draw. The non-combat lair kill and pinpoint massive attacks might come more into their own next session when we tackle act 3, or I may test run the Skald or Trickster.

The next story arc will feature more fiction once the group mix has settled down and everyone has provided their character names. Archer - I'm looking at you!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Myth Campaign Diary : 1st day of Summers Turn.

<i>''Awakening, grasped by the cold hands of travellers even less fortunate than ourselves, I lurched quickly to my feet. The chittering giving the only hint in the darkness of the crawler lair we had been dumped next to."</i>

So Mythic Mondays have begun and we are starting at the beginning with story quest one.

For this first run we went with the Soldier, the Apprentice, the Acolyte and the Archer. For those of you not familiar with the quest, the starting equipment is a green draw and a choice of one brown item.

Everyone chose wisely, except me, forgetting that a whole heap of the Soldier's abilities require the shield and instead I ended up with a useless green item (bagpipes or something) and the fireplace poker.

Through a combination of poor luck and poor judgement both the Apprentice and Soldier went down in the first few turns leaving the Archer and Acolyte to face certain death at thee hands of a mucker and a whole hoard of grubbers and crawlers.

Rather than restart, we agreed that there must have been some other poor unfortunates dumped with us, coincidentally another Soldier and Apprentice, but this time ones with the requisite pot lid for the Soldier and a better starting hand for the Apprentice.

Despite our early mistakes everyone had a fantastic time and was looking forward to Act one part two the next week.

<b>Later that same day</b>

<i>"Gravely wounded and drenched in corpse fat the Apprentice withdrew with her place in the party filled by the Spriggan sprout. Thusly reinforced; and rearmed by a friendly merchant we ventured on to enter a large underground cavern, infested with crawlers."</i>

Week two of Mythic Mondays, and we're still on Act 1. However, we're properly equipped and this time we decide to be cowardly and bring on the minimum number of critters. Strategically we are also beginning to get the hang of our characters, although I finished the night feeling that the Spriggan had been a bit under-utilised. This was largely due to the excellent performance of the Soldier who got some great timely draws. Combo's of the night for the Soldier were Impenetrable and three rage, making him unhittable by the crawlers and a six square Riding the Edge which wiped out half the crawlers and generated two treasure drops. Early strikes on the lairs by the Archer and Spriggan combined to stem the flow of minions and from there it was a simple case of mopping up.

Next time we will move on to act 2 and be braver with our initial minion setups. Our heroes are also getting names and back stories with more fiction to come in future articles.

The crawler minis have also received most of their paint job (primed, based and inked) and are starting to look spiffy. Photos will follow in subsequent posts.

Again, we all had a brilliant time, co-op games are rapidly becoming my favourite, so we are really looking forward to MERCs Recon shipping soon.

For this session we were using the new 2.0 rules which are a huge improvement over v 1. The book flows better and therefore makes the setup and game play smoother. The rules revisions and clarifications are broadly all things that we had house ruled on previously and the guys at Megacon has clearly taken time to understand and deliberate on fan feedback before issuing v2. We still make the odd booboo now and again but that's more to do with enthusiasm than any failing in the instructions.

The hardest part is now going to be painting up all the minis before Journeyman arrives.