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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Interim P&P Card Games Review

Recently I've had a rush of kickstarted print and play card games arrive in my inbox and had the time to cut them all out and try them.

The three from Fire Squadron (Black Market Warehouse, Battle Fish and Braiiiins) are fully printed, cut and sleeved as is Rise to Power.

Printed but not prepped - The Agents Return

Downloaded but not printed  - Maha Yoda

Battle Fish has the shortest play time (around 15 min) and has a really simple set of rules. Great to play with kids or as an icebreaker or infill between other games.

Black Market Warehouse plays only slightly longer and again has a fairly simple set of rules, albeit slightly more complex than Battle Fish. The game has a great sense of humour and is simple enough to teach to kids although many of the jokes will go over their heads (Who's Jimmy Hoffa?).

Braiiiins is the most complicated of the Fire Squadron games so far and operates best in co-op mode where your zombie masters team up to wipe out a small town's population. My only criticism is that it seems balanced slightly in favour of the Brawler class zombie master in our early play throughs.

Rise to Power takes about an hour to play through and although we have only played a few times there is clearly a great depth of strategy available and all the games have ended very closely so far.