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Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Final Transmission

This week was the final chapter in the Transmission game. Just before the end of the previous session we had about 2 weeks worth of plot to get through, until right at the closing stages Sebastian, our social character pulled one out of the bag and just called the guys they were chasing and arranged a meeting.

So I chucked out the tracking the villain down part and instead arranged a tasty ambush.

What followed was a full on mad roller coaster ride of shooting, chasing, carnivorous birds, stolen identities, quick talking, acid, space stations, alien technology and explosions.

Which was awesome!

It ended with the players preventing the escape of the villain by provoking him to fight them before he flew through the warp gate. Of course, being in an unarmed junk hauler this meant the bounty hunter surfing on the outside of the ship and taking a pot shot at his alien tech energy source with an old elephant gun. All the while being piloted through the middle of a huge skirmish between the junkies and the villains pirate allies.

Lessons I have learned from Transmission are:

  • Player agency, one of my favourite parts of Fate, isn't always a good thing, unchecked.

  • Some groups need a firm hand where the GM is more director than collaborating editor.

  • Sometimes when you come up with an idea it sounds better in your head than it comes out in play. (Which to be fair I knew anyway, this just reminded me).

  • I'm getting better at telling stories which have a proper beginning, middle and end.

  • It's still a challenge to keep the fate point economy running right.

  • Fate has kinda spoiled most other games for me. It's just too easy to pick up and go from concept to game in no time at all. Although I need to find a method for de-pulping slightly. Probably just through better use of global aspects.

  • Pools of fate dice mod worked but didn't add as much extra "something" as I had hoped. Good experiment but I don't think I'll pursue it.

We're taking a break from Fate now and going old school with Sarah Newton's Monsters and Magic. M&M won a vote out of a number of OSR type systems based on "just enough crunchy" and "easy enough for me to port over my old adventure library". The latter of these is important as our max session length is capped at around 3 hours due to everyone's commitments. That means that the shorter the prep time the quicker we can get gaming.

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