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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Endless Seas - Funerary Feast

Back from their trip into memory Mushu and Maylin find themselves at a funeral. The funeral of the Jie clan chief in fact. Now the Jie are a client family of the Xangxi, Mushu's family. The islands the control are directly between these of the Xangxi and their direct rivals for control of the Western part of the archipelago.

The funeral itself is taking place at an Anu temple, hight on a rocky pinnacle that can only be accessed via a vertigo inducing chair lift.

Mushu only embarrasses himself slightly on the ascent where they meet their white robed Anu attendant. Despite being an initiate of the Anu order he is clearly attracted to Maylin.

Before the funeral takes place on the following day our heroes have time to become acquainted with the Anu beliefs that the Jie clan follow and spend some time getting to know the other guests.

This is a scene setting session building up to the events of the funeral. This is a much more political than pulp game but Fate seems to be holding up well. The players are really getting the hang of interpreting the results of the tests (good or bad) into their side of the narration which is going to be the key for this to work.

Introducing the characters to the other guests gave us another great opportunity to build out the world around the heroes. This is rapidly becoming one of my favourite methods of world building as it has immediate buy in and relevance to the players. Fate in particular supports this approach by treating all entities as characters with aspects of their own. Often during the session discovery or declaration of an NPCs aspect would leaf to a flurry of definitions for related cultures, national or transmission national political entities.

The drawback is that I have to keep copious notes that I haven't written up yet. As a group we have also not invoked or compelled many of these location, cultural or other non-person aspects. I suspect the latter is simply down to our relative inexperience with the system rather than any real flaw. The former just needs me to knuckle down and get it written instead of working towards that next unlock in Battlefield.

The heroes met emissaries from four other factions which have varying agendas and predispositions towards helping or hindering them on either a personal or political level. Much of this revolves around Maylin who has had relatively less screen time than Mushu so far. Out of the factions present one has a clear dislike for her and another great warmth. The reasons for these positions is yet to be determined but it was a great conversation starter for the characters and really brought the players into the fiction. Again we had some fabulous in character conversations, guided but not determined by the fall of the dice.

By the time the evening drew to a close we had populated our little sandbox with vibrant, distinctive cultures and interestingly complex people with their own motives and drives.

The final scene closed on Mushu leveraging his inherent likeability in the first of many political discourses as he begins to find his feet as the heir apparent.

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