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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Transmission Character Spotlight - Callie

This is the first character spotlight for Transmission, the firm sci-fi game that I'm running.  In this post the spotlight falls on Callie, the MCS Kraken's First Engineer.

Born into a migrant family on the outer periphery of the first expansion. Callie is the first daughter of a seventh son and the first engineer in the family. Determined to follow in the follow in the father's footsteps, despite his disapproval she signed up for the Branson Corporation Astro-engineering corp at sixteen.  Determined to prove herself she stowed away on the MCS Kraken's maiden voyage. Discovered by Branson security crew she was subject to summary execution by hard vacuum. She was granted clemency when Sebastian, one of corporate dignitaries on board spoke in her favour and instead she was thrown in the brig and expecting a lengthy prison term on her return to dock. However, mid way through the final flight tests a critical systems failure killed the Kraken's engineer and set the vessel on collision course with a nearby colony moon. The impact of a borealis class freighter impacting at near half light speed would have destroyed the ship and the colony moon had Callie not broken free of the brig and jury-rigged repairs to the ship's control systems narrowly averting disaster.

Given her extraordinary conduct in the Kraken debacle Callie was immediately offered an engineering post with Branson. As part of her corporate service she was one of the team that evacuated Branson forces under heavy fire during the Carrillion Injunction. This is where she met Walker during his first tour with Branson Asset Realisation (BAR).

callie's character sheet

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