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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Transmission ~ Infectious Agents

"Are we better people? Well that depends on upon your definition of better and, of course people"

"Once the the first fruits of Signal analysis solved the energy crisis we discovered that there were still plenty of other resources that we could fight and kill each other over. Mainly of course that resource would be land, but we shall come to that later."

"Of course so called enlightened governments tried to curb the second phase of Signal research once it became clear what the cryptologists were uncovering. But as we have already learned it is all but impossible to put the genie back in the bottle and an almost no time restriction gave way to regulation and the first of the viral vectored gene therapies were on the market. From there it was a short hop and a step to the first generation of gene-hacked children. There was the usual clamour of complaints from religious and other pro-purity groups but public opinion was firmly behind the abolishing of sickle cell anaemia, most cancers, heart disease and the other modern plagues that beset the rapidly growing population."

"Sadly, as is often the case, ambition outstripped ability, leading inexorably to the subcontinental quarantine. However, in the main it must be considered a success, as without genetic transformation techniques I would not be boring you now."

"As I mentioned, earlier land soon became our most precious resource. Especially as infant survival rates soared in the developing world as new GT remedies were delivered year on year."

"Meanwhile in the developed nations GT went from miracle panacea to exclusive designer cosmetic procedure to corner consultancy spa treatment in a few short years. Celebrities were spotted wearing other species traits, spliced into their DNA for the weekend and professional sports were wracked with GT scandals as stars rewrote their genes for enhanced, speed, stamina and strength."

"The military were, of course, even earlier adopters of GT enhancement than the sportsmen and new wars were soon fought in the genetics labs of the world as much and on the front lines."

"Eventually GT would form the backbone of the EAA missions off planet and pure humans would be relegated to a few island reserves."

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