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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Transmission ~ Fun Guys

"Like I said, once we had decoded the Engineers' code for warm fusion and power storage cells the energy crisis was averted and we had to find something else to kill each other over."

"The rocketing population, thanks to Engineer viral genetic tailoring, soon discovered that cows were in ineffective method of food creation. Of course now we were becoming reliant on Signal decodes for the answers to all of our problems but the deeper we probed the harder it became to decode. However an answer to this problem was unforthcoming "

"The African continent descended rapidly into war as the population as habitable land with enough food became the key resources. Habitable land being a scarcer and scarcer resource as the effects of having so much easy available heat combined with our stubborn inability to agree on a cap, let alone reduction, in greenhouse gas emissions began to really damage the global climate."

"Clearly we didn't all die of self inflicted disasters though or I wouldn't be telling you this tale."

"The food shortages were resolved relatively easily. We just ate more Japanese. Protein deficiency was a major worry and so vast mycelium caverns were created to feed us all on fungal proteins. Whole new cuisines were created;and every one of them was foul."

"Overpopulation and the increasing problems of waste heat and hostile climate were less easily solved and this is where you and I come in. Both corporate entities and the remaining governments came to realise that ultimately our survival as a species was in the mass migration of the excess population to the nearest accessible planets. And in the first instance that meant Mars."

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