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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Full steam ahead - the season finale of Engines of Progress

Last week saw the season finale of EoP.

The gang flew to Europe, defeating a crew of fiendish sky pirates en-route. From their they tracked the Austrian mercenaries to their Schloss by cunningly identifying the factory that had supplied the paper used by their scientists for the blueprints they had discovered earlier.

Seeing than an enemy airship was docked they jury rigged a harpoon with a grenade chaser and drew the attention of all the soldiers, allowing two of the team to sneak in though the sluice gate while Uncle Jack used the machine guns on their own airship to pin down the troops in the courtyard.

Shooting their way into the fortified main house past galvanic armoured opponents they were just in time to see shadowy figures disappear though a secret door. Chasing after them they nearly managed to catch up with them but the villans dropped the bar on the other side of a steel blast door to escape, but not before one of the figures dropped an encoded diary for the team to find.


Once again great participation from all the players who really found their feet with the system this week.

As GM I still feel like I could do better and will use the Christmas break to really grok Fate, especially now the new books have made their circuitous way into my grubby hands.

Zooming in and out of the story really allows you to pack a greater amount of story into a session than I would otherwise manage with a more traditional RPG while still giving choice and control to the players. Also having player involvement right up front with the issues and important features of the game is a great GM tool to help keep you on track in terms of the story. For instance there had been no real mention of the sky pirates that the group had on their "stuff we want in the game" list. As we knew this was the season finale we all knew that they would definitely be in this week which only made their eventual appearance better for the anticipation.

We'll be taking a break from EoP over the holiday season and restarting in the new year with a transhuman space game which may or may not be Fate based (Eclipse Phase and Nova Praxis are the short list as I don't feel like homebrewing one from Core this time around).

Engines is definitely not over yet though - watch this space.

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