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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Engine under fire

So this session saw a bit of horse trading and a bit of combat.

Started a bit late and finished a bit early. Late start as I was still cramming down my dinner which is always a risk for mid week sessions and early finished as  I felt we had reached a good jumping off point for the penultimate episode.

Everyone wanted to play more which was fantastic and hopefully they will feel rewarded in the next session  as they head to Europe and exposition.

Fate handles crunch free, pulp firefights really well. Loads of good description. I would have liked a few more compound aspects placed but all in all very nice. Less sure about how it would work outside the genre however.

Now that the finale is written, time to focus on delivering a great blowout session and subsequently plotting the next game.

I'm going to pitch either an OSR type dungeon bash or transhuman space game.

Not brave enough to fly the flag for my pet projects yet. Maybe next time.

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