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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Ticking over nicely

So this is a really late update. Sorry chaps but those of you involved know the score.

The most recent episode in the 20's dieselpunk adventure Engines of Progress started where we left off the previous session. Young Lester hanging precariously from a packing crate of unknown content amid a Chicago docklands warehouse inferno.

Luckily his companions managed to pin down the Austrian mercenaries (Amelia) and haul the crate out of harm's way (Jack) using the the might of the floating passion wagon the Black Betty.

It must be mentioned that during the daring escape and subsequently the "Uncle Jack's a Jerk Face" aspect of Lester 's got a fair amount of action as the flight to an air dock on the other side of the city is chilly when you are still hanging onto a crate. More so when the flight is faster due to the tuned up engines that you worked on. Some respite was gained by sticking his head into a somewhat jagged and splintery hole in the side of the crate.

Once Lester had warmed up and thawed out the team decided to bust open the crate which they had discovered bore the mark of the Austrian imperial eagle at one end.

On discovering that the content was some kind of advanced galvanic engine caution was thrown quickly to the wind and the the resultant sound effect of the thing starting up startled the cat who clawed my wife and spilled coffee across the gaming table.

Chastened and a bit sticky I decided to stick to using my words in future.

After some heated debate it was finally decided that the beautiful and fragrant Amelia should store the contraption in her vault until they could decide what to do with it. Leaving our heroes once again far more questions than answers a crate or two of liquid lightening fuel and a truckload of moonshine belonging to the evil and possible mad Icepick O'Brien.

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