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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Starting the Engine

Character and world creation for EoP happened last Wednesday with Dougs x2 and Lorna.

Our protagonists are :

  • A dieselpunk homage to Harrison Ford's best roles with a dash of dashing airman thrown in.

  • The dieselpunk Wesley Crusher questing for his missing grandfather.

  • A Newbury and Hobbes inspired crown agent and purveyor of contraband Chicago liquor.

Tomorrow the adventure begins...

This is the first original world FATE game I've run so character creation was 100% vanilla. I'm hoping that this gives us the very best shot at shaking the dust out of the system and form a good baseline for the other original FATE projects I have in mind.

It's also a first time for me really pushing myself out of my comfort zone as a GM and trying some more cinematic approaches to storytelling. More on this in the next post as it would lead to spoilers.

As this is the first time for two players we agreed to fill in some skills and stunts in later sessions so that they were making more informed choices.

A later post will have the starting stat blocks for each player as well as some more on the world and major supporting cast.

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