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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Saaristossa - Snorri

Snorri, gnarled hands gripping the rail, spat salt from his lips and stared out towards the blue gray pillars jutting from the foam in the distance as the Syojatar knifed through the choppy sea.

The crew would be pleased to get ashore after tense days escaping the dangers of a blockade run. Still, it paid to be vigilant. More than a few ships had run aground in the talons as minds wandered due to sleepless nights at sea.

He glanced astern to where the noita sat in a pool of skirts, legs coiled at her side.

"Mirja! Is the way clear?

Without looking up she reached into the seal hide bag at her side and drew out a handful of white shards. Scattering the sharks' teeth in front of her she turned her head towards the rail.

"Clear sailing and a following wind all the way to Olli's tavern you superstitious old walrus."

"Bah, I'll take my gut over your old bones any day. There's something in the wind, mark me. Something in the wind."

The numberless isles of Saaristossa are guarded in the northwestern reaches by an area of treacherous shoals, unnavigable without the services of an experienced pilot. They also bar the approach to any deep keeled vessel, such as company men-o-war. This makes the area a haven for all manner of disreputable seafarers. The perimeter of the shoals is marked by the appearance of the Talons. Colossal, jagged spires of blue-grey rock, jutting hundreds of feet into the sky. Although their lower surfaces are kept bare by the lashing of the seas, their tops are crowned by a lush covering of plant life.

Despite it's relative inaccessibility, especially from the ocean, the isles of the northwest reach are reasonably prosperous. Their more temperate climate affords access to different speciality crops than can be grown in the the coreward regions. The traders that ply the routes south and east favour shallow drafted skiffs with crab claw rigs. These are manoeuvrable enough to skirt the narrow inlets and treacherous coastlines with either a single master or small 2-3 man crew depending on the size of the vessel.

Snorri Greylock, Master of the Syojatar

  • Core Aspect: Salty seadog, and sometime pirate.

  • Trouble: There's something in the wind I tell you.

  • 3rd Aspect: Loyal crew

  • 4th Aspect: Love of the sea

  • 5th Aspect: Teller of tall tales

Skills of Note

  • Sailing

  • Rapport

    • Stunt - Ships Master: You may use Rapport create an advantage that can be used by others on Sailing tests by motivating your crew to better performance.

  • Notice

  • Provoke

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