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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Fate of the Five Rings: Mantis Clan Stunt Trees

The Mantis Clan

Yoritomo  Bushi School

Rank One - The Way of the Mantis
The Yoritomo have trained extensively with unconventional weapons as the daisho are not best suited for use aboard ship. You roll d8-d6 instead of d6-d6 when attacking with “peasant” weaponry.

Rank Two - Voice of the Storm
Fighting and training on the waves makes your lines of attack difficult to predict. Successfully attacking an opponent in melee (even if you cause no damage) allows you to ignore up to armour:2 on your next strike.

Rank Three - Strike of the Mantis
Striking with the swiftness and unpredictability of the savage storm the Yoritomo gain a second attack at the end of the end of the turn when fighting with a “peasant” weapon.

Rank Four - The Rolling Wave
The Yoritomo school teaches its students to flow in and out of combat as the waves lap against the sands. As long as you can move a within the current zone you gain +2 Fighting on defensive tests.

Rank Five - Hand of Osano-Wo
The descendants of Osano-Wo strike with the force of the storm. Once per scene you may spend a fate point to double the shifts of damage done on a successful attack.

Moshi Shugenja School

Affinity of Air (Shintao)
The Moshi school specialises in air magics; +2 when casting air based spells. However, your mastery of the element of earth is poor in comparison and you suffer a -2 penalty when attempting to cast spells of this element.

Favour of the Sun (Shintao)
The Moshi have always been devoted to the sun, whatever guise she may have been incarnated in. During the hours of daylight you gain +2 to casting fire spells.

Yoritomo Courtier School

Rank One - Duty Before Honour
The merchants of the Yoritomo clan are no stranger to dealing with the less savoury characters of Rokugani society. You gain +2 on Commerce rolls when trading with ronin, bandits, pirates or other honourless undesirables.

Rank Two - Storm Heart
Yoritomo courtiers use bullying and coercion, rather than the honeyed words of the crane or the subtlety of the scorpion. You gain +2 Provoke when using your skill to intimidate someone into accepting your position.

Rank Three - Command the Winds
Your training shows you how to use your boorish and aggressive behaviour to your advantage at court. Once per scene you may reroll a failed Sincerity or Deception test substituting Provoke for the other skill. You must accept the results of the rerolled test however. This re-roll does not cost a fate point.

Rank Four - Will of the Storm
Just as the fury of the storm resists all attempts to turn it aside, you may not be deterred from making your case, regardless of what fine words may be used to try to stop you. You gain a boost any time Etiquette is used to defend against you.

Rank Five - Strength in All Things
At this rank the Yoritomo school courtier has such an iron will and fearsome nature that even the strongest, most martial samurai pale before the onslaught of his words, while he in turn laughs in the face of the direst threats. Whenever you attempt to resist or inspire fear you gain a two invoke boost.

Tsuruchi Archer School

Rank One - Always be Ready
A Tsuruchi must be ready to face his foes without warning or notice. You may spend a fate point to interrupt initiative and attack at any time if you are armed with a bow.

Rank Two - The Arrow Knows the Way
It is not necessary for the Tsuruchi to aim, simply loose the arrow and it will strike true if the Kami wish it. Successful archery attacks do two additional shifts of damage.

Rank Three - The Wasp’s Sting
The Tsuruchi learn to draw and loose with uncanny speed. If the archer may spend a fate point to loose two arrows in a single action. These can target separate opponents.

Rank Four - Flight of No Mind
By centering himself, the archer can make the perfect shot guiding it unerringly to it’s target. Once per scene you may spend a fate point to make a shot that ignores all difficulty modifiers due to visibility, consequences or armour.

Rank Five - Tsuruchi’s Eye
Tsuruchi’s final lesson teaches the archer that there is no foe that cannot be felled by a single arrow. You gain +2 to all shoot rolls when using a bow.

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