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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Wild Blue Something

Yesterday was character creation day for my midweek group. Followers of this blog and Google plus communities for fate core will know that I've produced a couple of fate mash ups but I wanted to run something fairly vanilla to see how everything shook out from the players perspective.

This is an experienced group and by mutual unspoken consent we've largely been running rules light games for a while.

We settled on wild blue for our first fate game (of hopefully many) and the story I'm running should take around four sessions to complete at a 2 hour session time.

So far we have two Wardens with very different outlooks and powers.

The first has a power inspired by Mack the Knife from Wild Cards. If he was of the Folk he might be a shaman but that destiny has found itself lodged in the body of an incomer. 
The second is the child of a forbidden union between an incomer and one of the Folk. Her power is a kind of object teleportation.
We will be adding a third Warden to the posse before they ride out.

Everyone seemed to get character creation under Fate pretty quickly and the out of game banter about the characters provided some great inspiration for some of the aspects.

"So you're a traitor, the first thing you said was traitorous."

"I'm not a traitor. I'm just misunderstood"

This is one of the things I think I like most about setting up a Fate game. The natural dynamic of the group really works for the players in anchoring them to their characters. I'm looking forward to seeing how the gang works together when we start play and how well they adapt to a more cooperative narrative style. Using the GNS classifications the group is probably two N's and a G so it will be especially interesting to see how our resident gamist takes to it. I expect quite well as, although Fate is a game about narrative it gives a lot of power back to the players to be good when they want to be.

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