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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Fate of the Five Rings: Dragon Clan Tattoos

This is really a continuation of the last post on the Dragon Clan stunt trees. In it I outline the rules for tattoo use by the Ise Zumi and list up some of the tattoos.

All F5R tattoo effects last for a scene unless otherwise noted.

You are yin and yang, positive and negative in perfect harmony. On activating the tattoo you may choose for spells targeting you to be either +2 or -2 difficulty to cast.

Flexible yet resilient, gain a defensive boost at the start of each turn.

Your unarmed strikes are imbued with the power of flame as sparks dance and crackle around your fists. Gain an offensive boost at the start of each turn.

Unceasing movement. You may cross vast distances in minutes as long as you keep moving, and could cross the empire in a single day. As soon as you stop you fall to the ground exhausted and my take no physical actions for the next day.

The crab is protected by a thick shell. You gain armour: 2

As symbol of grace and beauty. Gain a boost with three free invokes for use in any social test.

Mighty and fearsome, activating the dragon tattoo enables you to breathe a cone of fire five feet across and ten feet plus your Shintao in length. You use your Shooting skill to hit opponents with the blast which has a weapon rating equal to your Shintao. Each use of this causes you two stress.

Light and agile, you may leap up to your Physique x 25 feet.

Noble and proud, the lion tattoo grants a boost to a Bugei skill of your choosing.

The mantis is small but fearless. This tattoo is active at all times and renders you immune to any effect that causes fear.

Unmoving and eternal, while active your minor consequence slot acts as a two point stress box instead. If you use this slot then when the tattoo is deactivated you suffer a consequence as normal.

The ocean is boundless and fruitful. When you receive this tattoo you no longer need to eat or drink to receive sustenance, although you may still partake for the pleasure of it. Activating the tattoo leaves you refreshed as if you had just had a full night’s sleep and a good meal. You may only activate this tattoo once every three days.

As soon as it is destroyed the phoenix rises anew. If you are taken out, this tattoo automatically activates and heals and amount of stress equal to your Shintao as long as you spend a fate point. This ability may only be used once per milestone.

While the scorpion tattoo is active you gain a boost to any stealth test and if you succeed with style on an unarmed combat test you gain an additional boost, dazing your opponent.

Activating the Spider tattoo grants you the ability to move over any terrain as if is was level ground and you may scale sheer, vertical or inverted surfaces as if it was normal terrain.

This tattoo imbues you with the fearsome power of the storm. When you make a successful unarmed attack you do two additional shifts of damage.

This tattoo, a bright black kanji, represents the void. When activated, you become aware of all life within a radius equal to your Shintao times ten feet, even if you cannot see it. You may use this power to recognise individuals that are well known to you.

On activation of this tattoo you gain the superhumanly sharp “Senses of the Wolf” for the remainder of the scene.

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