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Monday, 28 January 2013

More Hacks in the Pipeline

Inspired by a cover shot of Dragon Warriors: The Way of Wizardry on a post header from +Fred Hicks I raced up to the attic to pull my copies out of storage. Man I forgot how much I loved this game. Back in the day my friend Eddie and I made a mashup of this and Thundercats which at the time (1980's) was awesome.

So as well as the FATE/Earthdawn game I'm actually running and my pet project Street Magic I now feel compelled to give this classic game a FATEover.

On top of that I have a request to go back to finish off an old and long neglected Legend of the Five Rings game. Now it has to be said I love the books especially 4th edition which are just nice books to own with cracking atmospheric interior art. However, I kinda liked some of the older rules versions better. In any case I have a whole bunch of ideas about how this might play out in FATE with a more stylised, dialog driven vibe, punctuated by short bursts of extreme violence.

So if someone could invent a couple of new days in the week for me to fit all this into that would be great.

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