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Thursday, 17 May 2018

D12 System Dev Diary 4

Saved by the works of someone better than I.

Should be the strap for this post. The longer version is that I kind of forgot that as a Cortex backer I have access to the SRD and Cam Banks has done a fantastic job of putting into words and dice most of the concepts I've been playing about with in systems development for this game. So I'm going to retool a bit and switch in that ruleset with a few amendments and variant rules applied to bring it in line with the overall game concept.

The best news about this switch is twofold. First I can reused the best bits of my prior attempt. e.g. Aptitudes and advantages as these were monumentally great from a world building perspective. Secondly, annoyingly tricky bits like damage mechanics are already built and tested which means I can concentrate on adding value elsewhere. For example, folding in the expansion content of bargains and the consequences (narrative and system) of where success comes from.

One other thing definitely making it in from Cortex is _ as this trait type has huge narrative potential.

Basically you write a statement that's true about your character. That gives you a pool die (D8) when it's relevant. if you the act against that truth you get 3D instead of 1 for that action and then it's stepped down to D6 for the remainder of play until you hit downtime and rewrite it.

Here are a couple of examples.

You have the statement "I always have Jeff the Merc's back". Which means you get a die whenever you're backing Jeff up.
But for the last couple of sessions Jeff has been a bit of a tool so the next time you, in a righteous rage, throw him to the wolves. you get 3D this time around and in downtime you rewrite you statement as "Watching out for Jeff"

You are a big fat panda and write that "I've had the noodle dream" so you get a bonus die when doing noodle shop stuff.
At a later point you then confess that you lied and that you love kung fu. 3D for riding a firework chair into the stadium etc. and in downtime you change "noodle dream" to "kung fu dream"

anyways. the rest of this dev diary series will focus on the Cortex SRD implementation and maybe I'll even come up with a better name for it...

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