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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Blades of Earthdawn Design diary 2

In which I discuss some systems tweaks for this implementation of Blades.

I have tried to stick to a general principle of only making changes that support the narrative and avoided those that make major system modifications. This project is not a redesign of Blades but an adaptation to fit the fiction of the Earthdawn setting.

The only change here is a cosmetic exchange the Weird approach to Arcane as this better fits the fiction.

Karma and Effect
One of the factors that Blades does not model by default is a central plank of the original Earthdawn system, Karma. Karma is a hoardable, currency used to purchase dice and activate effects. In practice it has only been a rare occurrence in any of the games that I have played in that anyone has run  out of Karma, especially if well planned which in some ways is disappointing. In this implementation Karma becomes a rundown clock. Once filled you have run out of Karma and must use a downtime action to recover before if can  be used again. The size of this clock is determined by your character's race.