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Monday, 28 August 2017

BitD Episode 3 - the palimpsest


I've been trying to ensure that the setting is as important a player as the players so I'm now running a load of clocks both background and foreground. Background clocks are things that are going on mostly independently from PC actions and unknown to them. Foreground clocks are either things the PCs are involved in, are affecting or have an awareness of.

So I was really pleased this score that a whole load of them advanced without prompting.

The Score

This episode things got weird. The crew, who still need a name (I am making this a prerequisite for advancing to tier 1), decided that the would cement their alliance with the Wraiths by carrying out a job for them.

As a test of both aptitude and commitment their contact delivered the instructions on a slip of vellum. Their very own mistress of mystery attuned to the note and read the words "The Black Swan" before discovering the note was a palimpsest.

Her companions noticed nothing other than the lady was becoming increasingly pale and short of breath. Never one to stand idly by if a damsel is in distress, brave Fizz manfully destroyed the evidence with purifying electroplasmic flame.

Having identified their target the companions decided that in the true spirit of the setting a weird approach was the best to take. Through some clever use of flashbacks they set up a steam carriage in which Lady K could Whisper to a local ghost and haunt the bejeezes out of the current inhabitants.

A number of terrible deaths later the entity settled itself into the property like a malign, cantankerous elder into an old leather armchair.

Luckily Fizz was on hand to injure himself on behalf of the crew by driving a steam contrivance filled with the recently departed and an ice picked lampblack into a stanchion near the red sash hideout after disposing of the remainder of the bodies to science.

That left if up to Liv to encourage looky-loos and rubberneckers to move along a the scene as the establishment was closed for a private function.

6 coin and 6 rep for these shenanigans with plans made to turn the Swan into a going concert as a bawdy house.

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