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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Myth Campaign Diary - Who's the Boss

“Back to the pit foul wyrm! Lest I lay about me with the cold iron head of my mighty weapon! No beast so foul shall be suffered to live while I stand firm!”, roared the Acolyte.

“Stop grandstanding and get out of the way, you’re spoiling my shot.”, snapped the Archer

Ignoring the petty squabbling of the fleshlings, the Spriggan thickened it’s bark and braced for the chitinous fiend making its inevitable attack.

Silently, but for the faint crack of rapidly forming ice, a bone numbing chill spread over the floor of the cavern from a silver ribbon extending from the fingers of the Apprentice where they brushed the dark loam. The masterwork complete he drew back to his librams, considering whether to further aid the band of ragamuffins he had become entwined with.

Hissing and clacking, the great worm moved slowly, but inexorably forward even as it was chilled to the marrow by the Apprentice’s great spell. Its urgency to devour ultimately its undoing.

The answer the question is pretty categorically, not the Boss. The first barrage from the heroes wiped out stage one of the Terror without even triggering the Darkness Cycle.

The ongoing -2 to TN chill effect generated by the Apprentice is great on big base models and considering how well geared we are pretty much guaranteed hits for every attack.

Stage 2 was a bit more challenging, but it never felt like we were in any real danger. A smaller or less well equipped group would probably have a tougher time of it as the Terror’s trample ability prevents adjacent heroes from acting effectively.

The group was helped out by their big serendipity bank, summoning Bobby twice to soak up hits from the Terror’s multi-hit attacks.

Ultimately, though, stage two was dispatched inside another two cycles.
Three of the heroes took the Life Bringer title and the Spriggan loaded upgraded armour into her deck.

Next episode is a custom setup non-story adventure with some extra goodies, and possibly some photo’s. We’ll also be using the Orcneas deck for more of a challenge so I’ll need to get painting.