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Monday, 13 April 2015

Myth Campaign Diary: Burn Baby, Burn

A week late but better late than never...
Myth Mondays continue with the final act of the first story quest. On the opening tile we went for the rolling boulder trap which was navigated successfully after easily dispatching the limited resistance of a grubber hunting pack. This proved mainly to be an opportunity for the Archer to stack up her Endless Quiver with ammo prior to entering the next section of the map.
The cards fell very nicely for the Acolyte and Brigand over this whole session with both characters being able to pull off their maximum combos at least once. The movement card restriction from the story quest proved to be more annoying than hindering, partly because this is a limited time session so it just made trivial tasks take longer.
This week the Spriggan suffered from the poor draw order that the plagued the brigand in the last session and so it was a relatively unsatisfying session from that player's point of view.
Back to the action and by the time we had made it to the Inn it was absolutely rammed with crawlers, (I think there were about 4 spaces left), due to the automatic spawn on refresh from the story quest. Being well geared, this proved to be less problematic than feared as we activated them in the narrower 6x12 forcing them into a chokepoint. Things nearly came unstuck when the Archer triggered all but one of the pit traps herself, but luck was on our side and so managed to leap from danger every time.
A timely suicide run following a six point Orion's Tears left the Brigand able to set a flame to the carelessly left kindling to clear the quest without having to risk a prolonged snipe at the remaining lair, aided as we were by the timely arrival of our new ally Bobby, who's quest chain we had completed on the way in.
The game looked even better than last week as all the crawler mini's are painted and the captains are now only a single coat away. With any luck I'll find time to post a few pictures of them next post. Next up for painting once the terror set is complete are the heroes and the Orcneas' gang of grubbers and muckers.
"Stop praying! I can see you doing it from here, even though you have your back turned", Fenwick shouted at the Acolyte nocking a third arrow to the string.
"You need Boabeh! For he smites down all who would mock him" returned the Acolyte grasping his staff more firmly.
As usual, the Brigand was nowhere to be seen and the Spriggan had shed it's leaves and taken root on a clear patch of ground in a semblance of sleep.
"There's no time for rest" called the Acolyte, "the ground is alive with crawlers and we have a vengeance to take. Stay close that my staff might give you succor."
Shaking her head, Fenwick suddenly leapt forward, rolled and buried an arrow into the crawler that a second before had burst from the ground a few yards from where the party had stopped to take stock. At the same time a swarm of bees buzzsawed angrily through the air to leave a second and third writhing on the ground while the Spriggan looked on impassively .

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