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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Books and book like things.

There have been some great humble bundle comic offers up recently so I'll be reading my way through those now I've finished my epic run through Hellboy BPRD and other assorted goodies.

I think my favourites are the chronologically early Hellboys and the Baltimore mini series.

Probably because although I understand the necessity of it I'm not a huge fan of big arc structures as more often than not they seem to get in the way of telling a good story. I'm more interested in discrete events and the telling of them.

As I've been reading Achtung! Cthulu as well my head has been rooted in the first half of the twentieth century and so they have been a good fit with that too.

As it's Halloween around the corner I'd like to call out Rachel Rising and Revival as two of the best modern takes on the "zombie" genre. Well worth checking out if your local comic store can get a copy. I'm looking at you Settlers, Hamilton.

My lunchtime read is Irregular Creatures by Chuck Wendig. Only just started this but so far a cat has just sprouted wings so that does seem pretty irregular. Squeezed in somewhere will be the next book in the Sea Beggars series by Paul Kearney. The first one, The Mark of Ran was a well paced, darkish swashbuckler with some seamless world building and a few deft touches of characterisation among some other more well established tropes.

As a final note, those of you to the left of centre and RATM or Nightwatchman fans would do well to check out the Orchid mini series authored by the one and only Mr. Tom Morello. Still Fighting the Power even after the Apocalypse.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Tattoo Virgin deflowered

Massive thanks to Kristen at Cherry Pie in Hamilton. Three hours this morning and already looking awesome. Four more hours to go.

The design is based on the work of one of my  all time favourite artists reworked by Kristen to fit on my arm. One (possibly more) fish to go. Check out the original artwork and much more here: