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Friday, 14 March 2014

Fractal Oaths

File under Fractal and Earthdawn.

One of the coolest parts of Earthdawn is blood magic. Now you can do a lot with blood magic but my absolute favourite is the blood oath.

In a blood oath one or more people swear to do a thing which has one or more bans. The oath lasts for a year and a day, some can then be renewed, others have a ban that states they must be completed by that time. If you go through with your oath then you are rewarded, fail or break the bans and you will suffer the consequences.

Like a lot of the concepts in Earthdawn this is something that Fate would handle well.

Oaths are fractal extras that have refresh, aspects, stunts, and sometimes skills.

All blood oaths cost refresh. That refresh is then the base refresh of the oath. If more than one party swears to the oath then the oath has a refresh equal to the number of oath-takers. The fate points of an oath can be used by any if the oath-takers by invoking one of the oath's aspects.

They also have at least three aspects. Swearing, release, and ban. More powerful oaths have more than one ban.

You may break the ban of an oath whenever you choose, however you will take the moderate mental consequence "forsworn", will no longer be able to take advantage of the benefits of the oath, and unable to regain the refresh spent on the oath until the consequence is resolved.


Oath of Vengeance
Cost : 1 refresh
Refresh : 1
Swearing: I vow to bring revenge against my sworn enemy {name}.
Release: I will be released from this oath upon his defeat or mine.
Ban: I may not act except to come closer to my vengeance.
Stunt: Focus of Enmity
+2 to any action that directly opposes my enemy.

Oath of Comradeship
Cost :1 refresh each
Refresh 2
Swearing : I vow to be a true and loyal companion to {name}
Release: A day and year hence.
Ban: Allowing harm to come to my companion by my action or inaction.
Stunt: True Companion's Shield
You can transfer an attack from your companion to yourself as long as they are in the same zone as you.
Stunt: Back to Back
You gain +2 Fight to attack and defend when back to back with your sworn comrade.

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