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Monday, 20 January 2014

Transmission ~ Translating Space

"Shortly after the Martian expansion and the colonisation and mineral exploitation of Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, and Hygiea the next secrets of the Signal were decoded and changed our horizons forever."

"For some time the interplanetary organisations had been worrying about the continued decline of Earth and habitable planets in the solar system were in short supply. Extensive use of GT modification and emergent nanotechnology had made asteroid farming possible but all except a few posthuman extremists balked at the notion of the kind of theoretical changes to the human genome that might be required to survive Venus or the gas giants. Additionally, travel times between the planets were still measured in multiples of years."

"As has often happened in the history of the (post)human race sometimes a number of key technologies emerge at once and the combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual contribution."

"Quantum entanglement had been theorised before the Signal, but new gravity manipulation technology made this a predictable, reliable solution to the communication time gap that existed between the planets. Simply encode the data and feed it as a digital stream from one partner in the entangled pair to the other."

"Mastering QE shone a light on how we might solve some of the other fundamental puzzles of the physical universe around us which led directly to the breakthrough work on Gravitic Translation and ultimately interstellar travel."

"Thousands of academic papers have been written that you can access via your AS tutor's library. However, to summarise, gravitic entanglement theory showed that any body with sufficient energy could move from one place in the universe to another via entangled dimensional interstices. More simply, interplanetary vessels equipped with sufficiently large mass conversion drives coupled to sufficiently large masses, say a moderately sized ferrous asteroid could move almost instantaneously from one point in space/time to another. A process that became known as Space/Time Translation or STT. Obviously origin of the Translation was known, the destination is determined by the nature of the interstice."

"Due to the vast energy requirements, Translation journeys can be considered as one way unless the destination happens to have an adequate supply of convertible mass with which to effect a return trip. In addition to this complicating factor is the non-fixed nature of the interstices themselves. Complex artificial knowledge systems (Translation Matrices, a type of dedicated artificial sentience) have been developed to map the location of these multi-dimensional interstices onto four dimensional space/time. This is a particularly challenging task as many of them turn through dimensions that are unmeasurable and therefore appear to disappear for periods before reappearing, often in unexpected locations and detectable only by their gravitic signature."

"Despite the cost, hundreds of thousands of mass conversion equipped probes have been launched. Each with the aim of reporting back, via QE, the features of their unknown destinations. Meanwhile exploration seeding vessels were constructed, outfitted and crewed by the best humans GT re-engineering could provide."

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