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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Transmission ~ Spirals

"It was not long before the analogy to DNA became mainstream in the media."
'The digital DNA of the signal comes under the microscope' - BBC Panorama


'Strands of information coiled around each other like DNA' - Popular Science Review

"Of course the the truth was it was nothing like DNA. If you wanted a biological analogue then a fractal protein would be closer but we humans were so proud of our mediocre achievements in the sphere."

"What was the first thing we learned from the Signal?"

"We are not alone."

"And the second?"

"They are smarter than us."

"And neither of these two things required an ounce of computing power. Of course there were those who viewed this realisation with horror and saw in it the end of days, the tinfoil hat wearers. Most though thought of it as a gift, or a rightful inheritance and set about decoding the transmission with an almost religious zeal."

"The ubiquity of the signal led to an amount of democritisation, at least at first, in the outer layers of complexity. The earliest advances from Signal information were arguably the greatest. A global bootstrapping of technology to another level."

"Curiously, the Engineers as they came to be called left nothing in the Signal to suggest anything of their culture."

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