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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Saaristossa - Riku

"Always just once more." Thought Riku, tearing open the paper, sucking down the burnt tasting powders. Senses tearing at the edges, fingers driving like chisels into the mortar between the rough stones. The scent of the kvar alerting him long before sight or sound he drew the fire-blacked, curved blade from the back of his belt.

His enhanced perception gave the attacking creatures the appearance of moving in slow motion. Diving just before the the leap of the first animal Riku rolled, driving the blade forward and down. Hot blood spattering from its ruined abdomen, the first of the kvar slapped into the ground as the second dashed forward, jaws snapping at Riku's legs.

Leaving the blade in the quivering corpse Riku sprang forward, planting his hands in the firm, moist ground, lashing out with his feet to catch the kvar across it's muzzle. Momentarily dazed, the kvar snorted, shaking its head. The distraction momentary but long enough for a second blade to sever something vital in its neck.

The booted feet of the kvaras would not be long behind their charges. Riku recovered his blade from the first corpse, wiping it casually on the grass and sped towards the house.

The first guard died silently, simply because he had no time to make a sound as Riku's elbow slammed into his throat as he pounced at the end of his run bearing the dead man to the ground. The stale taste of the second guard's sweat alerted to Riku to his approach. Darkness and the other man's complacency making him a second easy target.

Moving swiftly though the foyer and the reception rooms Riku cursed softly, he could feel the powder itch beginning behind his left eye and his his contact had been dead wrong about the target. He was certainly not alone and nor were his companions.

Sucking in a slow breath Riku tensed as he approached the ornate doors to the master lounge. This was not how he wanted it to go but he couldn't risk a second bag, not so soon after the first and not with the itch already beginning.

Bursting through the doors, muscles burning as spiced blood pounded through his veins.

"Spicer! Guards prote" the target managed to scream  before crashing backwards into his body slaves in a spray of arterial blood.

Riku swept the curved blade low, slicing the foot off one of the hired guards, lashing out with his left hand to launch a fistful of venom coated needles into the path of a second. The element of surprise lost, he spun to face the next threat ducking inside the arc of a heavy naval axe he grappled the mercenary and swung him to meet the spring gun bolt loosed by his fellow while burying the blade in his groin. The gunner fell clutching at the throwing blades Riku pulled from sheathes at the small of his back now buried in his arm and thigh as the axman toppled to the floor. Sliding another blacked blade from it's chest sheath he spun to face the final figure, only to discover him slumped on the floor in a dead faint.

Kvar are large, broad nosed canids with an exceptional sense of smell. They are favoured guard animals among landholders who can have them trained to alert their kvaras handlers as soon as they catch the scent of anyone they have not been trained to recognise.

Spicers, also known as powder monkeys an other less complimentary terms, are elite fighters who have been trained to ride the visions granted by the cocktail of medicinal spices that they consume and use their expanded senses in combat. Use of the spices is not without it's drawbacks, however. The most common of these is powder itch, a nagging itching sensation that starts behind the spicer's eyes and grows in intensity with each dose consumed. Severe powder itch can even lead to blindness in some cases.

Riku Reinoldsson

  • Core Aspect: Mostly retired not quite former spicer.

  • Trouble: Just one more time

  • 3rd Aspect: Saw too much action in the last war

  • 4th Aspect: Immi owes me big

  • 5th Aspect: Never without a knife

Skills of Note

  • Fight

    • Stunt - Knifeman: +2 to Fight test when armed with a knife

  • Notice

    • Stunt - Persistence of Time: When using spice you perceive time in slow motion

    • Shoot

      • Stunt - Blade Thrower: +2 to shoot tests when throwing knives

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