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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The train now approaching

"The train now approaching platform six is the twenty five thirty seven from Santa Pris. All change for the Western Light Rail service to airship docking towers five to nine."

"Or at least that's what I thought she said. You know how those tannoy announcements sound." Bek scowled across the bakelite tabletop toward the police private diligently recording his every word.

"Go on", instructed the inspector, pacing steadily backwards and forwards behind the private.

"So anyway, that's how I know when it went down. The tannoy woman had just announced the Santa Pris train and then at the same time on platform four another one comes in. One of those new turbine jobs. Must've been private or something. Anyway, these four gents get off and a woman's with 'em. They're all wearing some kind of uniform, then the woman points over towards platform six to where the Santa Pris train has just come in and the four chaps start moving towards the front car. You could tell there was something going on by the way they walked. Deliberate, with their hands inside their jackets."

"And that's when the shooting started?"

"Not straight away. First the other crew came off the front car of the Santa Pris train. One of 'em was huge. One of them new men. You know, the bulky ones that need special clothes, and another one had some kind of special eyeglasses. They took one look at the four gents and took off down the platform towards the rear cars where the goods vans are. The big chap and the one with the glasses bundling along another bloke, kinda skinny looking with a big leather briefcase."

"What happened next Mr. Bek?"

"Well, first two of the four gents in uniform run right through the train and start headin' down the platform on the other side. Then the other two pull out the pistols they were obviously hidin' in their coats and start wavin' 'em around, shoutin' in some kind of foreign lingo. Anyway, folk see the shooters and start runnin' and shoutin' for the peelers and the like. The platform's clearin' pretty fast by now and so the two chaps on this side start poppin' away with their guns, real marksman like. One of 'em wings the big chap, which doesn't seem to bother 'im none 'cause he just keeps his back to 'em blockin' their view of the little bloke with the case. The chap with the weird glasses though looks pretty angry and pulls out a kinda boxy lookin' gun from somewhere. Then the shootin' really gets started."

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