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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Saaristossa - Ambra

"This is pointless" thought Ambra, puffing up the hill. "There's never been a raid this far West.  For a start the Viidakko Kummituksia is enough to deter anyone who's ever heard of it and secondly they'd have to scale the cliffs and then march up and down these damned hills".

The weight of her armour was also beginning to chafe. Especially where she'd borrowed that left spaulder from Myrta. Where was the adventure and excitement that was supposed to be the meat and drink of the Vartija? Certainly not in stomping up hills in summer heat to inspect watchtarns that are never used because no invader is stupid enough to attempt a climb up sheer cliffs and a forest filled with hungry, vengeful ghosts.

Distracted as she was by thoughts such as these it came as an even greater shock to find herself not some half an ard later suspended by her heels from a tree.

The great kingdoms of the West are heavily forested. This is both blessing and curse. For while the forests provide vital lumber and charcoal as well as an abundance of wild game they also provide ample shelter for all manner of bandits, footpads and robbers. The exception to this is the Viidakko Kummituksia a great swathe of ancient woodland said to be grown on a long forgotten battlefield, the ground soaked in the blood of the fallen. Denied proper funerary rites the spirits of the ancient dead are said to prowl the forest, eternally seeking their enemies and the breath of the living. Strange creatures roam the forest and it is rare for a hunting party to enter its borders. Rarer still for one to return in full strength.

The Vartija are a large mercenary company retained at one time or another by most of the great kingdoms. Their main holding is the fortified town of Skjoldveggen, which was gifted to the company in reward for their defensive action during the first Isles War.

Ambra Madsdotir, Sheildhand of the Vartija

  • Core Aspect: Vartija shieldmaiden, with something to prove.

  • Trouble: Why do I never look where I'm going?

  • 3rd Aspect: If I say something's done, it's done.

  • 4th Aspect: Proud bearer of an honour ribbon.

  • 5th Aspect: One hand of many.

Skills of Note

  • Fight

    • Stunt - Shieldwork: You may use Fight to defend against Shoot. And you may also create advantages of a defensive nature with the key words shield or shielded as long as you have a shield.

  • Physique

  • Athletics

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