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Monday, 18 March 2013

Fate of the Five Rings: Dragon Clan Stunt Trees

Updated after feedback. 

Next up in F5R are the Dragon.

The tattoo list is pretty long so that's getting it's own post.

The master document is here: Fate of the Five Rings if you want to read more.

The Dragon Clan

Mirumoto Bushi Clan

Rank One - Tail of the Dragon
The Mirumoto school is the only school to focus training on the principles of Niten, Mirumoto’s two sword technique. Students at the school learn to use the Wakizashi to block strikes that would otherwise leave them open to attack if armed only with a Katana. You roll d8-d6 for your defence when wielding the both of your blades.

Rank Two - The Calm in the Midst of Thunder
As the traditional rivals of the the Mirumoto are the Kakita, students of the Mirumoto school study duelling alongside kenjutsu. When in the centre stance you gain +2 to duelling tests.

Rank Three - Strong and Swift
As the student progresses in their understanding of Niten they learn to overwhelm their opponent with a flurry of strikes seemingly coming from all directions at once. You roll d8-d6 for your attack when armed with both katana and wakizashi.

Rank Four - Furious Retaliation
The Mirumoto will not rest while an enemy stands before them. Gain a boost with a free invoke against any opponent who has attacked you in the previous round.

Rank Five - Heart of the Dragon
The master of Niten is a whirling tornado of steel. You may strike twice in the same turn when wielding a katana and wakizashi. Your second attack occurs at the end of the turn but you may interrupt the order of initiative to take it at an earlier time.

Tamori Shugenja School

Affinity of the Earth (Shintao)
The Tamori school specialises in earth magics; +2 when casting earth based spells. However, your mastery of the element of air is poor in comparison and you suffer a -2 penalty when attempting to cast spells of this element.

Flesh of the Elements (Shintao)
The Tamori have mastered the technique of containing the essence of magic within the liquid of specially prepared potions. You may cast a spell that has a self or one person/target area of effect and store that effect in a potion. This potion can then be activated later by anyone possessing it. Spells stored in this way last for a number of days equal to your Shintao modified by any shifts gained on your Shintao test.

Kitsuki Investigator School

Rank One - Kitsuki’s Method
The Kitsuki are trained in the unusual methods of investigation. They gain +2 to Awareness when examining a crime scene for evidence.

Rank Two - Wisdom the Wind Brings
It is exceptionally difficult to deceive a trained investigator. Kitsuki school investigators gain +2 to spotting attempts to lie to them, either through Sincerity or outright Deception.

Rank Three - Know the Rhythm of the Heart
Ichi Miru is the art of assessing someone at a glance. An investigator can, after only a short conversation learn key facts about their target. Gain +2 to Awareness when used to uncover someone else’s aspects.

Rank Four - Finding the Path
Investigators are adept at navigating the shifting currents at court, figuring out the complex networks of alliances and enmities. After a few minutes conversation with someone you may make an Awareness test to uncover the identity of either one of their allies or one of their enemies. You may choose choose whether an enemy or ally is revealed, but the GM decides on their identity.

Rank Five - The Eyes Betray the Heart
High rank investigators are almost impossible to lie to. Anyone knowingly attempting to deceive you must overcome an obstacle equal to your Awareness or give themselves away in some small way, even if you did not actively suspect them of lying.

Togashi Order

Rank One - Blood of the Kami
You have been tattooed using ink containing the blood of the Kami Togashi. You may select two tattoos.

Rank Two - Body of Stone
Mind and body acting together are the strength of the Ize Zumi. You roll 1d8-1d6 when engaging in unarmed combat.

Rank Three - Blessing of the Kami
Once again you have received the blessing of your patron Kami in the form of two additional tattoos.

Rank Four - Will of Stone
Mastering the flesh requires mastery of the will. You may make a second unarmed attack each round. This attack occurs at the end of the round.

Rank Five - Touch of the Kami
You are truly blessed by your patron Kami. The order has awarded you two additional tattoos.

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