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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Fate of the Five Rings: Crane Clan Stunt Trees

More F5R, this time the stunt trees for the Crane Clan schools. These were much harder to translate than the Crab schools as there was more technical, system stuff to deal with. Particularly the Daidoji who got the most changes.

It's worth noting that I'm going to use a version of the MHR initiative system that was proposed in the G+ community for this game so there are a number of stunts that facilitate interruptions in the order of initiative.

There is also a reference to stances which will be discussed in a separate post.

The master document is here Fate of the Five Rings if you want to read more.

The Crane Clan

Kakita Bushi School

Rank One - The Way of the Crane
The Kakita duelling academy specialises in training samurai in the art of iaijutsu. You may spend a fate point to interrupt the order of initiative and act at any time.

Rank Two - Speed of Lightning
Slow enemies are weak enemies and easy prey for the Kakita, +2 to Fighting against opponents who act after you.

Rank Three - First and Last Strike
The Kakita school produces the most feared duellists in the Empire. Gain +2 to Fighting to your first strike when duelling.

Rank Four - One Strike, Two Cuts
Advanced students of Kakita’s techniques are able to change the direction of their cut mid strike to inflict even more damage to their opponents. You gain two additional shifts of damage on a successful strike with any weapon that has a Bushi aspect.

Rank Five - Strike With No Thought
Masters of Kakita’s teachings do not need to think about the strike, it is now instinctual. While in the centre stance you gain all the advantages of that stance in the current exchange. Additionally, you may take a single action while in the stance and maintain the stance for consecutive actions.

Asahina Shugenja School

Affinity of the Fire (Shintao)
The Asahina school specialises in air magics; +2 when casting air based spells. However, your mastery of the element of fire is poor in comparison and you suffer a -2 penalty when attempting to cast spells of this element.

The Soul’s Grace (Shintao)
The Asahina favour art over war, you may spend a fate point to reduce the number of shifts of damage done by your opponents by one for a number of turns equal to the number of shifts gained on your Shintao test.

Doji Courtier School

Rank One - The Voice of Honour
Courtiers of the Doji school rely on the strength of their honour when dealing with others. As long as you are not suffering from any honour based consequence you gain +2 to Sincerity tests when speaking the truth or dissembling, but not when outright lying.

Rank Two - Speaking in Silence
As as samurai progresses through the ranks of the courtier school they learn the art of cadence, the ability to communicate through body language and subtle gestures.

This is limited to simple ideas or instructions such as “in our favor”, “follow her” or “danger comes” and obviously only over line of sight. Others from the Doji school recognise your cadence. Other Crane may make an Etiquette test at Great (+4) difficulty to understand the message.

More complex conversations may also be carried out by especially skilled practitioners, although this requires a successful Etiquette roll by both parties to understand.

Rank Three - The Perfect Gift
The Doji are known for building relationships and networks through the giving and receiving of valued gifts in return for future favours. When in the city or at court you may use your Etiquette in place of Commerce to obtain suitably rare or fitting gifts. If the gift is accepted then the recipient “Owes you a favour” until it is repaid.

Rank Four - Soul of Honour
High ranking Doji courtiers are capable of pursuing carefully crafted arguments that are synonymous with honour making your opponent's arguments therefore, dishonorable. Gain two additional shifts of damage on a successful Etiquette attack.

Rank Five - The Gift of the Lady
You are now a master at influencing the emotions of others, capable of converting even the bitterest enemies into allies, at least for a time. As long as you can engage in conversation for even a few moments with an enemy or rival then they will act as your ally for the remainder of the scene, as long as you make a successful Sincerity test. They are not under your direct control however and will not actively betray their basic loyalties.

Daidoji Iron Warrior School

Rank One - The Force of Honour
The Daidoji are shield of the Crane, defenders of home, hearth and honour. You roll d8-d6 to defend in combat with any Bushi weapon.

Rank Two - The Shield of Faith
When you may declare that you are guarding someone then your charge gains the aspect “Guarded by …” with a free invoke. This lasts until your next turn.

Rank Three - Strike Beneath the Veil
An attacker reveals something of themselves during their attack. The Iron Warriors learn to exploit this weakness. Gain a boost against the last opponent to attack whoever you are guarding.

Rank Four - Vigilance of  Mind
The Daidoji school teaches its students to be alert to danger at all times. You may spend a fate point to act first even if surprised.

Rank Five - To Tread on the Sword
The Iron Warriors believe in the higher purpose of dedicating themselves to protect their charge. If you have not acted yet you may spend a fate point to interpose yourself between your protectee and their attacker, forcing them to attack you instead.

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