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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fate of the Five Rings: Crab Clan Stunt Trees

Working on F5R tonight. First draft of the Crab Clan School stunt trees.
Note that there are only two stunts for the shugenja school but then they can cast magic spells and talk to spirits, which seems like a fair exchange.

The Crab

Hida Bushi School

Rank One - The Way of the Crab
The Hida school trains the heavy infantry of the Rokugani. This counters the “Reduces Movement” aspect of heavy armour (except when using stealth) and allows you to roll a d8 as your positive die, instead of a d6 on attack rolls with heavy weapons.

Rank Two - The Mountain Does Not Move
The Crab are known as doughty warriors able to withstand punishing blows that would injure or kill lesser men. This stunt grants an extra two point stress box.

Rank Three - Two Pincers, One Mind
Hida school bushi are relentless. If an attack takes out an opponent then you may immediately make a follow-up attack against another opponent in the same zone as long as you are equipped with a heavy weapon.

Rank Four - Devastating Blow
Once angered the Hida Bushi is an even more formidable foe. Once per encounter you may automatically inflict the consequence “Stunned” on an opponent following a successful attack with a heavy weapon. For purposes of determining success

Rank Five - The Mountain Does Not Fall
The Hida are indomitable, nothing short of death can prevent them fulfilling their sworn duty. On your action you may spend a fate point to prevent any invokes or compels against any consequences that you have taken until the start of your next action.

Kuni Shugenja School

Affinity of the Earth (Shintao)
The Kuni school specialises in earth magics; +2 when casting earth based spells. However, your mastery of the element of air is poor in comparison and you suffer a -2 penalty when attempting to cast spells of this element.

Gaze into Shadow
Shugenja from the Kuni school have extensively studied the sinister and disturbing creatures of the shadowlands in search of ways to better combat them. Gain +2 when casting spells where the target is a creature that has been tainted by the shadowlands.

Yasuki Courtier School

Rank One - Way of the Carp
The Yasuki school produces masters of the art of commerce. You may substitute your Commerce skill for Intuition when trying to discern facts about their wealth or desire for material objects or services.

Rank Two - Do As We Say
The Yasuki can use the high pressure tactics and verbal dexterity they have learned as traders to confuse, bamboozle and persuade others into doing what they want. Once per scene you may reroll a failed Sincerity or Deception test substituting Commerce for the other skill. You must accept the results of the rerolled test however. This reroll does not cost a fate point.

Rank Three - Treasures of the Carp
The contacts you have among the Rokugani merchant class and their masters make it possible for you to obtain almost any item. Gain +2 on any Commerce test used to locate a rare or useful item desired by someone else. Note that locating an item and getting it are two different things. This stunt also allows you to declare that you have in your possession (although not necessarily on your person) any mundane item.

Rank Four - Wiles of the Carp
Being a ruthless merchant, skilled in the arts of barter, you are adept at seeing through the deceptions of others. You may use your Commerce skill to resist attempts to deceive you either with Sincerity or outright Deception.

Rank Five - What is Yours is Mine
Knowing someone’s hearts desire is the key to power over them. If you know of an item that someone needs and obtain it for them you gain +2 in all social contests with them until the next milestone.

Hiruma Bushi School

Rank One - Torch’s Flame Flickers
The Hiruma are taught to survive in the harshest of environments, the Shadowlands. Gain +2 Hunting when used to find water, food or shelter. You can also make supplies go further, food water and jade rations last twice as long for a number of people up to your Hunting skill rank.

Rank Two - Wolf’s Little Lesson
Hiruma bushi learn to harry their opponents dashing in to attack and withdrawing in the same fluid movement. You gain a +2 bonus to defend against the last opponent you successfully attacked in close combat until your next turn as long as you can freely move.

Rank Three - Hummingbird Wings
The hummingbird can move quickly in any direction. The Hiruma are taught to apply this lesson in battle. You may spend a fate point to avoid a single attack against you as long as you are free to move.

Rank Four - Shark Smells Blood
Hiruma bushi are adept at exploiting the misfortune of wounded opponents. If you force an opponent to take a consequence you gain two free invokes against it instead of one.

Rank Five - Daylight Wastes No Movement
The Hiruma school teaches its pupils to expend no more effort than is required to kill an opponent and then move on to the next. If you generate any additional shifts over and above those needed to take out your current opponent then you gain a boost.

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