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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Fate of the Earthdawn: Game Session Report 2

The Earthdawn game is coming to the close of it's first outing as the gang complete Mists of Betrayal in one or two sessions time.

Things I learnt this time out are:
  • It's more difficult than I thought to get everyone thinking in a FATEy way. 
    • So a bit more prompting and reminding about creating advantages and the like than I thought we'd need but it's a big paradigm shift for us as a group so probably to be expected in the short term.
  • Ran combat at baseline level (no weapon or armour ratings) as a comparison to the last session.
    • No one really noticed that weapons didn't do different amounts of damage to each other as long as the narrative was good.
    • As the ED characters have longer than regulation stress tracks combat took ages. At least in my mind, without additional damage from weapons.
    • Some of the ED talents don't make as much sense as they do under the vanilla rules.
  • That last point is a general one. But this was an experiment in lifting fairly wholesale from the source system and implementing the resolution mechanics of FATE. Not planning on any more changes this time out or I'll have a player revolt but have definitely learned much for future stories.
Stay tuned for FATE of the Five Rings...

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