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Saturday, 19 January 2013

FATE of the Earthdawn: Part Two

The last FotE post covered the basics of character creation. In this post I'm covering magic and some example characters showing their starting set ups.


Earthdawn spellcasters come in one of four flavours. Wizard, Elementalist, Illusionist and Nethermancer. Each of them, uses the same casting framework, however.

The FATE implementation is quite close to the Earthdawn setup. Each spellcaster has the skills of Spellcasting and Threadweaving, and one or more Spell Matrices. 

Spellcasting and Threadweaving work as per the Earthdawn rules, with the difficulty numbers retuned to FATE.

Basic Spell Matrices are modelled as Extras with the following attributes:
  • Aspect: Astral Construct
  • One 1 point stress box, no consequences
  • Spell rating (what would have been the talent rank in Earthdawn)
More advanced matrices can also have other attributes such as armour.

If you are a spellcaster then you begin the game with five first circle spells. Characters can go on to learn other spells rated up to their current circle. Usually this is done after a significant milestone is reached when the characters have some downtime to be able to do the necessary research. All that is required is a spellcasting test to overcome an obstacle rating equal to the circle of the spell being learned. Using skills to create advantageous aspects for this test such as "Researched at the Great Library" or "Tutored by Marcus the White" is positively encouraged.

There are probably still a few scaling issues with some of the spells but I'll address those as they come up in play in a future post.

Sample Character: Mercy Locke
  • Acrobatic T'Skrang Taildancer
  • Likes a Drink and and Adventure
  • Ambassador for the T'Skrang People
  • Doesn't Trust Magic
  • Sworn Revenge on Theran Slavers
  1. Acrobatic Strike, Avoid Blow, Parry
  2. Unarmed Combat, Swift Kick
  3. Melee Weapons
Refresh 2
Racial Stunt: T'Skrang

Sample Character: Hikari Twilight
  • Small but Mighty Windling Windmaster
  • Always Springs to the Defence of His Friends
  • Low Boredom Threshold
  • No Cage Can Hold Me
  • Afraid of Arachnids
  1. Avoid Blow, Acrobatic Strike, Two Weapon Style
  2. Dive Attack, Air Dance
  3. Melee Weapons
Refresh 1
Racial Stunt: Windling

Sample Character: Johan Ismyss
  • Human Wizadour (Wizard/Troubadour)
  • His Own Worst Enemy
  • Brings Pleasure to as Many as Possible
  • Unable to Turn Down a Challenge
  • Looking for Direction
  1. Astral Sight, Read/Write Magic, Spell Matrix
  2. Performance, Thread Weaving
  3. Spellcasting
Refresh 3

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