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Sunday, 27 January 2013

FATE of the Earthdawn: Game Session Report 1

Running the classic Mists of Betrayal adventure for the weekend gang. No spoilers here though so you guys can keep reading.

Learnings so far:

  • Unarmoured people bashing each other with clubs leaves more than bruises. (probably need to tweak some weapon ratings)
  • Item History is way more useful in FATE than Earthdawn. A later post will go into how I envisage this working with regards to legendary equipment
  • Blood Oaths are fun group compels
  • Much more hand waving than regulation Earthdawn but that seems to also be working out quite well
  • I'm personally not quite happy with the skill/talent set-up but maybe it just needs more time to bed in. Watch this space
  • Used success at a cost for the first time and thought it worked rather well. Untrained character tried to re-shoe a horse and opted to take the consequence "Cracked Ribs" from a mule kick by the horse rather than slow the party down by failing to re-shoe it.
  • Everyone likes rolling the custom FATE dice I made. Much easier than the Earthdawn step tables.
Next session will, I expect, bring things to a head as the slavers have just spotted the party walking out of the creepy mists saying things like "I KNEW that blood elf was up to something!" and "Oh god we're walking into a blood elf civil war"

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